Master program in evaluation and intervention in situations of child abuse and pedophilia

The University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, in association with the Foundation Child and SOS Telefono Azzurro, is about to start the 6th edition of the Master in “Evaluation and Intervention in Situations of Child Abuse and Pedophilia”

The main goal of the Master Program is to convey an intense training on children and adolescent distress with particular focus on child abuse and mistreatment, including the analysis of integrated actions of the diverse professionals on the territory.

In particular, this Master program intends to address serious problems such as the consequences caused by abuse on child and adolescent, the complex personality of perpetrators, the high recidivism rate related to sexual violence. The final aim is to enhance the existent professional figures committed to defend children and adolescents as well as to shape new experts in this sector.

This Master program will last one year.

Each participant will become familiar with theoretical and methodological instruments to operate in situations at high risk or in cases of abuse.

This Master program will focus on:

Preventive interventions in situation at high risk;
Work in the psycho-forensic sector;
Ability to cooperate with other experts operating on child and adolescent protection such as psychiatrists, psychologies, social workers, lawyers, police men etc..
Interactive laboratories as a means to favor fast learning and knowledge of new social media on the Internet.

Istructions to apply and Complete information on the Master

For information regarding this Master program please write to Dr. Barbara Forresi at the following email address:

Publications promoted by Foundation Child

“Principles for organizing systems of mental health for children and adolescents”.

“Among the objectives of systems of mental health within single countries and in different geographic areas:

“Provide support to families, teachers, social services, judiciary systems, pediatricians, maternal and neonatal services, and other within a community, given that society has the responsibility to responsibly grow children”
Allow to children with disorders the access to programs and services according to their needs;

Download the full PDF text here

“Autism and other grave disorders of the age of development”

“ The autism and the other pervasive Development Disorders (DDD) represent frequent psychiatric disorders during childhood. 1 on 1,500 children are affected by autism, while grave mental disorders related to this pathology affect 1 child on 200-500”. Young patients affected by such disorders live in every country, belong to every ethnic group, regardless their social extraction and their family’s wealth.

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“[…] EMACAPAP will include child and adolescent psychiatry, as well as all professions related to mental health and commitment on childhood (psychology, welfare, pediatrics, education and special education, pediatric assistance, language etc..). EMACAPAP will work in collaboration with other international organizations by sharing commitment towards child and adolescent mental health, and associated services, formation and protection […]”.

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“Genetics of Autism”

“[…] Recent studies on autism used several contemporary approaches to the genetic research on complex human conditions. Such approaches include studies on populations, families, twins, individuals with specific genetic and behavioral discoveries. It will be important to maintain a vast range of research methodologies and to allow investigators to pursue discoveries by using different methodologies in the future. New discoveries on genetics of autism have led to recognize that genetic factors since the moment of birth play a crucial role as a cause of mental disorders […]

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A biography to celebrate Giovanni Bollea for his 90th birtday.

Giovanni Bollea, Distinguished Professor in Child Neuropsychiatry at the University “La
Sapienza” (Rome), has participated to the Scientific Committee of the Foundation Child since its origin. Prof. Bollea’s contribution to Italian Neuropsychiatry is seminal, especially regarding new perspectives for an innovative approach to address the topic of mental health for children and adolescents. (Rome, 2003).

“Protecting Childhood in Contexts of War and Terrorism”

[…] A huge number of children, families, and communities have been devastated by situations of war, terrorism, natural disasters, and abuse. The extent to which children are respected is by itself an indicator of a civil society. Suffering does not depend on absolute good and evil. Suffering belongs to everybody’s life. The concept of neglecting pain by thinking of it as a distant problem, often related to cultural differences, should be discussed in our modern civil world. We no longer have safe heavens […]

“Caring for children and adolescents with mental disorders: setting the WHO directions” 

This essay, which was written in partnership with the World Health Organization, represents the outcome of the 2002 Conference with the same title (Geneva; 2003).

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“Children’s Psychic Wellbeing in Europe: plans and perspectives”

“[…]In this occasion, the current status of child psychiatry in Europe has been studied and some general guidelines have been advanced to prevent psychiatric pathologies, enhance treatment’s efficiency, improve the service’s quality and accessibility, collectively fight against stigma, and to protect human rights […]”.

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Essay that was published on “Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics” , n°6/2008.

Article written in collaboration of the WTO Europe (WTO Regional Office in Europe).

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